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According to Forbes, by 2025, the knowledge industry will be worth a billion dollars a day. I don’t know about you, but I could use $365 billion dollars a year.

Yes, I do understand they’re not saying an individual would make a billion a day, that’s the industry as a whole. But, still. Dream a little.

What would you do with a billion dollars a day?

Would you spend it? Would you save it? Invest it? Give it all away?

I read a book called, “Coming into the Wealthy Place: A Secret Path to Abundance Few Will Ever Discover,” by Dave Williams back in 2010 that changed my life. In it he says, “If you don’t plan for wealth, you’ll never have it.” He was right. And the principle behind that statement applies to anything.

If you never plan to run a successful business, you probably won’t run one.

If you never plan to be a good employer, you probably won’t be one.

If you never plan to expand and control markets…you get the point.

Today, you’re on the cusp of the greatest adventure you’ll ever have, should you choose to embark upon it. It’s called “life”. If you don’t plan and prioritize what is important to you by putting it down on paper and in your calendar, good luck becoming that person and living that life.

As businessmen and women, we are constantly bombarded by problems, whether with personnel, finances, market share, you name it. If you can’t see past the moment you are in to plan for growth and upward momentum, you’ll find yourself floating downstream instead of swimming intentionally upstream like salmon do.

Go against the grain and don’t waste another moment.

Plan for the future you want to have in your company, your career, your life, and expect the fulfillment of it.


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