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Confrontation is a scary word for most people. It’s something people go out-of-their-way to avoid. And, yet, the ability to handle it well is one of the most essential characteristics that define a leader.

There’s a theory that if you put multiple crabs in a bucket and one tries to climb out, the others around him will pull him back down and keep him stuck in the bucket.

Sometimes people want us stuck in the same misery they find themselves. Being a leader means confronting them in their “bucket” and getting yourself out of it!

Peter Drucker, touted as the father of all things management-related, stated, ““Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

Leadership often means doing what is uncomfortable at the onset to create an atmosphere of greater comfort. An example might mean sitting down with an employee to deliver the unfavorable news of, “You’re fired.” Assuming the action is warranted, though it may be a royal downer in the moment, you’re actually setting everyone in the company free – including the person no longer employed. You’re freeing up productivity, peace, and companionship in the team you lead. You’re also giving the person you released the chance to discover new talents, interests, and opportunities they might not have had if they had stayed working for you.

Confrontation doesn’t have to be negative.

It just needs to be viewed as a stepping stone to another level.

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