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God Is Not Silent

I used to think God only shared His secrets with special people. Now, I know we are all special people with whom God longs to share His secrets.

I’ve always had a “knowing” about things.

It took me a long time to realize that “knowing” was the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to me and depositing into my spirit through thoughts, feelings, supernatural knowledge, wisdom, words of prophecy, and discernment. I grew up hearing the voice of the Lord speaking to me – mostly on the inside, but also audibly at times. We talked every day for hours. Then I came under church leadership that taught me God only speaks to certain “special” people and I could be sure that I was not one of them.

As a result of blindly believing what an authority figure told me, I went from daily communicating with God to doubting myself, second-guessing what I was hearing, and feeling rejected from the presence of the Almighty. Thankfully, my pastor’s wife came to the rescue. Ms. Martha put into my hands a copy of Mary Geegh’s “God Guides.” This book reminded me God speaks to His people; I am one of His people, and, therefore, God speaks to me. I can hear Him. After being set free from that lethal lie of the enemy and wrong teaching of errant church doctrine, I discovered my hearing was just fine.

Along with reestablishing the open lines of conversation with Him came a new way of exchanging communication between us: dreams. He began to show me things in dreams, sometimes in daydreams, but mostly through dreams at night. Then came the visions. Some were as real as if I were physically there in the moment He was revealing to me.

One such time was when I was a student at Oral Roberts University.

I was having a hard time living at a college always surrounded by people. Being the introvert that I was, I felt like I was suffocating and had nowhere to think, let alone go to enjoy quiet time with God. Sitting in my Jeep worked for a while, but when winter rolled around in Oklahoma, I knew that wasn’t going to last.

One day, I asked my Spanish teacher if he minded me staying behind after class to utilize the empty classroom for prayer and devotions. Professor David Farnsworth, being the awesome man of God that he is, said that was fine by him.

Finally! A place to myself with no other live beings in sight!

I walked throughout the classroom praying in the spirit, just speaking in tongues over every desk and the students who sat therein.

Then I started to sing in the spirit. That’s when it happened: Suddenly, it was as if I were in a different place entirely. I was on a stage in a Latin American country leading worship for people that stretched as far as the eye could see in every direction. There must have been millions in attendance for the crusade. I was so joyful, so happy, so at peace and one with God in the vision.

The people were hungry. They wanted God in a real way, many of them there because they heard He could heal them.

I saw before me toward the center of the stage a grandmother, her daughter, and a little boy. I knew right away both the boy and his grandmother were ill and desperately needed their Healer to heal them. I swept my left hand across the audience as I worshipped, and as I did, from the farthest left to the farthest right corners of the crowd, a wave of healing was released, and every person in attendance experienced instant healing as they poured themselves out to God.

Then I was brought back to the Spanish classroom and found myself surrounded by empty chairs full of potential. I continued to worship in tongues, and I heard angels join me. There in the classroom with me, although I could not see them, was a choir of angelic voices with instruments and harmonies I had never heard. It was the most intricate melody, almost hauntingly beautiful. It was invigorating, and I was swept up in the glory of God’s presence, lost in worship.

A knock on the door startled me and ended the moment I was so enjoying.

A young man stood at the door with a strange look on his face. He asked me, “Was that you? Was that you singing?” I answered that it was. He then poked his head in the door and saw that I was the only person in the room. Now, he had an even more puzzled look on his face. “That was you? Only you? There’s nobody else?” I just shrugged and said ‘no’ as he peered into the classroom yet again. He looked at me quizzically and then walked off, shaking his head.

It was only afterward that it dawned on me: perhaps I wasn’t the only one to have heard the angels or the music. Apparently, he must have heard the same thing. That was pretty cool. I never saw him again and, unfortunately, my class schedule changed shortly thereafter, so, I was never able to utilize the empty classroom for another God-experience. I walked away, however, encouraged that God had a plan for me and He was awesome enough to let me see a snippet of it.

God is like that.

He has secrets He wants to share. Many of those secrets are glimpses of the future He has planned for His people. Sometimes, it’s through visions and dreams, other times through a word spoken into your spirit. He may speak through your gifts, talents, natural desires and abilities. He may confirm His plans through another human being who is in tune with Him.

Further still, He may just simply communicate through opened and closed doors of opportunity.

He’s constantly speaking, always wanting to fellowship with His people. Unfortunately, not every person is still enough, long enough to hear Him. Or worse, they, like me, may have been lied to that they can’t hear God and that only His apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists, and teachers can hear God. Maybe they’ve been told He’s an impersonal God who doesn’t speak at all, that He doesn’t communicate to His people any longer, He’s too mad at the human race to want to communicate, or that hearing Him is a talent that takes decades to develop.

The Bible says otherwise in John 10:27 calling us the “sheep” that “hear” His voice.

Throughout the Old and New Testaments is a God who longs for a relationship with His people. First Corinthians 2:9-11 goes as far as to say that He has things prepared for us that are beyond our ability to know – except that He wants us to know them, by His Spirit within us, revealing to us through intimacy with Him the great plans He has for our lives and the world we live in.

Intimacy through reading His Word, spending time in prayer, giving yourself to Him through worship, and expecting to hear Him are the first steps to unlocking your destiny and cultivating an incredible relationship with a living God who wants a relationship with you. He will never say anything that does not line up with scripture in the Bible, or His character revealed therein. He may speak something to you that you cannot find in His Word – such as how to fix your car, become a better cook, or create a breathtaking painting – but everything He shares with you will convey the richness of His goodness, even when He corrects you. His spoken Word to your heart will always confirm His character as revealed through His written Word.

What He shares with you concerning your own life is meant for prophetic proclamation, to get you on the same page as Him, so you don’t take unnecessary detours on the road to your future. Maybe you’re not called to be in the office of a prophet within the Body of Christ locally or globally but you are called to be a prophet in your own life and, with His revelation imparted to you, speak out what He is speaking over your life and agree with Him for your destiny. It all starts with wanting to hear what He is saying, disregarding any lies you may have believed about His desire to communicate with you, and then just taking the time to listen.

Remember, He only shares His secrets with the “special” people – those who reverence Him enough to want a deep relationship with Him – and YOU were created to be that special person.

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