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What Are You Afraid Of?

I have traveled to 13 countries, all while single. I started traveling by myself when I was nine.

This was back in the day when you could actually stick your kid on an airplane and trust the stewards to watch over them. You could trust the rest of the passengers not to be scary, evil people who would abduct or abuse your child.

My first flight was from Michigan to Alabama to visit my Aunt Joyce.

Best plane ride ever!

I sat next to a sweet black lady named Wilma. She reminded me of the character from the Flintstones. I liked her immediately. She came stocked – fully loaded – with a ton of candy. Oddly enough, she just happened to have all of my very favorites.

I am convinced she was an angel.

I felt that on the plane ride. I just kinda knew. She wasn’t just some random stranger. She was there specifically for me.

See, I was nervous about flying.

‘Terrified’ is probably a better word. But I did it anyway. And I had a wonderful flight. Then I had a fantastic time with my aunt. Her apartment complex had a huge, deep swimming pool. No one else used it the entire two weeks I was there with her. She took me to Bush Gardens in Georgia, too. We had a great time together.

But I had to overcome my fear of flying to start that journey.

And when I took that step of faith and got on the plane despite my fears and reservations, God met me where I was. He sat me with the sweetest person I have ever met on a plane to date. And He blessed my small step of faith with a wonderful experience with my aunt.

What are you afraid of?

In this season of singleness, whether you're divorced, you've never been married, or you're the surviving spouse of a person you loved and outlived, you have a world of opportunity awaiting you. So, I’ll ask it again.


Maybe it’s time you take a step of faith and conquer that fear. Say “hello” to that person. Say “yes” to that invitation. Go to that place you’ve been dreaming of visiting “someday.” Put that day on your calendar and count down until “someday” is your “today.”

Quit waiting. You’re letting life pass by you. Use this time well.

You never know quite how God will bless that step of faith.


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