• Kelly

I Sit Away

I sit away,



When I’ll be free

To love like I really want

To be loved.

So many smiling faces…

I feel lost

In the crowd.

Find me,


Find me.

“It’s lonely at the top.”

A trite saying,

But it’s true

When you’re called

To the mountain

To serve the inhabitants

Of the valley.

God, do you see me?

Do you hear my cry?

Do you still answer

Prayers prayed

In the dead of night?

You spoke.

I believe You.

I’m still holding on

Because I know You’re true.

Nothing You’ve said

Will fall to the ground


You’ll make it happen…

When it’s supposed to.

There’s tension

In the waiting.

It’s not easy

To keep claiming.

“Stand your ground,”

You say.

“Use your weapons,

Wage a good warfare

With the prophecies

I’ve given,

With the secrets

I have shared.”

God, help my heart,

When it feels so vulnerable.

Help me remain


Unmoved by anything

But Your Word to me.

I sit away


Still waiting on Your timing,

Still believing.


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