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'Isaac' Means 'Laughter'

I used to think God was stoic and serious, and, frankly, kind of a downer. Now, I know that God has the best sense of humor EVER!

I grew up hearing from church folk that God was an overly formal, serious God Who was really only interested in your obedience and little else. I knew Him in a personally intimate way, however, my understanding of His character was tainted with the belief that He was forever disappointed in the human race as a whole and, therefore, I could never please Him. I guess you could say that I had a split-image of God: The Holy Spirit was my kind and loving, very best friend, Jesus was elusive and a “middle man” between God the Father and planet Earth, and then the Heavenly Father was, well, a bit of a standoffish grump. I had an instinctive understanding that there were indeed three different Persons in the Trinity and, therefore, three distinct personalities. I was just a little off on my understanding of 2/3 of the equation. I decided I wanted to dive in a little deeper and get an accurate understanding of Who God is. I began by asking to see certain facets of His character.

I should preface this by saying, “Be careful what you pray for…because you just might get it!”

On my quest to discover more of Who this wonderful God is in the fullness of His Personhood, I asked of God a dangerous request: Show me Your sense of humor. I figured God had to have one. I mean, He created comedians and put laughter in the hearts of little children, He surely must laugh a little here and there Himself!

At the moment I asked this of Him, I was walking into my workplace, a familiar building I had been in several times on a weekly basis for a few years, and I really had to use the restroom. I was in quite the hurry. I quickly jetted into the bathroom and headed for the nearest stall. I felt like I was going to burst!

It was after the urgency had passed that I thought to myself, “Hmm. They must’ve done construction and flopped the layout of the bathroom. I don’t quite remember it like this. The stalls used to be on the opposite wall. And since when did they start putting urinals in the women’s bathroom?”

It was then that I heard it: a Heavenly chuckle, followed by, “They didn’t.”

Horrified, I ran out of the bathroom to discover the sign above did not advertise the women’s restroom as I had thought, but rather the men’s! A few people noticed and laughed but I didn’t care. I had heard God laugh!

Then it hit me: He laughed…at ME! I had just amused the God of Creation!

Granted, I would rather have told a funny joke instead of having a “duh” moment, but I made God laugh!

My silly moment made me think of another moment of laughter, this time a woman named Sarai, who was told at the age of 90 that she, after a lifetime of barrenness, would give birth to a son. I would’ve laughed at that, too. How absurd! A 90-year-old giving birth to a baby?!

Pregnant after not being able to have children EVER?! What?! Well, God must’ve been amused at Sarai’s reaction, too, because He followed through on His Word and she gave birth to a little boy named Isaac.

‘Isaac’ is Hebrew for “He laughs”.

It makes me wonder; did she name him that because God Himself chuckled right along with her?

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