It's You

Have you ever played tag? We played tag often in gym class in elementary school. I remember the feeling of dread and excitement at the prospect of hearing the words, “Tag! You’re it!”

‘Excitement’ because I was a swift runner, and I loved going after the other fast kids in the school. ‘Dread’ because I had exercise-induced bronchoconstriction. Even though I loved running, my body did not, and my airways closed when I did any strenuous activity. I would run and find myself in the nurse’s office, coughing and hyperventilating until I either threw up or blacked out and hit the floor. Fun stuff. After a few episodes of that, I was no longer allowed to run in gym class, and I had to sit out for certain activities.

I eventually found a sport in which I could breathe: Karate! It worked out for me much better than running because my heart rate didn’t go as high when kicking and punching. It was an adjustment I enjoyed, too, until I got to the point where I was beating up all the guys I was crushing on from school. I never understood why they didn’t like me back….

In life, you have to “roll with the punches” and make adjustments continuously. Maybe last year didn’t go quite as well as you had hoped. Maybe it went better than you had expected. Or perhaps you don’t even remember it happening at all because it felt like you were at a standstill and just trying to survive the whole year.

Whatever the case may be, now is your time to run hard and fast with the dreams God has placed within your heart.

As I grew up, I came to prefer a much safer version of tag known as “phone tag,” where you leave each other funny voicemails letting the other person know it is now their turn to make the next phone call to connect.

Just in case you forgot to check your voicemail, I’ll remind you. Life left you a message:

Tag! You’re IT!

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