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Life Lessons from a Bird

Did you know scientists say the Tyrannosaurus rex and the chicken are related?

"A comparison of the amino-acid sequence from T. Rex collagen to a database of existing sequences from modern species showed it shared a remarkable similarity to that of chickens. In fact, T. Rex is more closely related to chickens than alligators. Some scientists go so far to say birds (chickens) are modern dinosaurs."

Crazy, huh?! Who would've thought the timid chicken was related to the menacing T.rex?

The other day, my daughter was feeding some birds at the park and it had a significant impact on me. Many of the birds were waiting for her to drop the crumbs in her hand onto the ground, but one little bird was brave enough to perch on the bench next to her and to reach into her hand to eat directly from her palm.

I was reminded that we can go directly to the Source of our provision for whatever needs we have. When we lean into His goodness and love, we are able to receive the fullness of everything He has in store for us. We will not be left with just the leftovers of His provision. We must be brave enough to ask for His hand to care for us, then position ourselves in expectation, ready to receive from Him.

Selah. Pause and think on this.

What does that have to do with chickens and T.rex? Absolutely nothing. I just thought it was really awesome to think that Chic-fil-A serves dinosaur meat.

Bon appetit!

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