New Year, New you

Happy New Year! Can you believe we have transitioned to a new decade? Raise your hand if you remember the craziness of Y2K. Yeah, me, too. And now, here we are, twenty years later.

I saw a funny meme, which encapsulated the last decade quite well. It said, "Yeah, but did you die, though?" That about sums it up, folks! We went through some crazy seasons in the last decade. I went from single to married to a mom of two. We were homeless, and now we're in a beautiful home. We have been through insane drama with family and friends, and we lived to tell about it! In the last decade, we have had money, we have lost money, we have started businesses, and then ended businesses. We have rebranded ourselves to embrace each new season we encountered. In 2019, I even read 400 books in one year - a whopping 36,702 pages later! Whew! What a ride!

In this new year, I want to encourage you to leave 2019, 2018, 2017, and all the years prior BEHIND. It's a new year, and it's a new decade. It's a new time for you to flourish, to thrive, and to step into the fulfillment of all God has created you to become.

To help you get off to a fresh start, we want to offer you my 31-day devotional, "Moments with Dad: A Devotional Memoir," - available free of charge through January 6! Click here to get your complimentary offer to start the year off right!


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