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Political Science

I went to Cambridge University. Not the school, just the website. Their dictionary website, to be more precise. I needed to know what they meant when they used the term, “political science.”

Since you’re not too sure either, I’ll share their definition with you: “The study of how people get or compete for power and how it is used in governing a country.”

I looked this up because ignorance is the new education.

The elections are a little more than a year away, and I want to make sure I am an informed citizen, both educated and aware, able to freely and wisely make decisions to help shape this beautiful country and to determine the direction in which it is to go.

I want to know how the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the government work together to create a (hopefully) cohesive entity that governs the nation.

I should have learned this in school, but I didn’t.

Civics was not taught in-depth, and I was ignorant of its importance. Oh, sure, teachers told me what the branches of government were called and gave me a 60-second elevator pitch on what each position can and cannot do, but that was it. In all honesty, they probably shared with us all they knew.

I want to know more, so I can be responsible for what I know.

I want my children to grow up reading and writing in cursive, so they will have the experiential knowledge needed when the Constitution and other significant documents get challenged.

Because they WILL get challenged.

I will raise my children to know how to stand for what is right and to defend the country from those who seek to destroy it from within. The threat is real: there are enemies to our freedom.

Will you know how to recognize them?

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