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Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

What I am about to share with you might shock you. It could cause an all-out war. You might never look at me the same way again. In fact, I urge you to abandon your pre-conceived notions and guard yourself from offense before you read any further, and when you've read it, keep reading until the end of the post. Are you ready? Just take a look at the text on the image I made.

I had a conversation with the Lord this past week I think you'll find interesting. It was about the choice of words the political leftists use in the United States to describe abortion. They have labeled the term "pro-choice." Those on the political right of the spectrum who do not support abortion use the term "pro-life."

Think with me for a moment. Get rid of all connotations to the phrases and how they're currently used, and just think about what they actually mean.

"Pro-choice" = in favor of the right to choose, in favor of free will.

"Pro-life" = in favor of the right to live, in favor of the right to life.

Now, based solely on that information - and not in the light of abortion, Christianity, politics, or anything else - choose one.

CHOOSE ONE TERM, ONLY ONE: Do you want to be "in favor of the right to choose" and "in favor of free will" or do you want to be "in favor of the right to live, in favor of the right to life?"

I personally, want both, but if I could choose only one...

I would be pro-choice.

I would want the right to have and the freedom to express my will. Maintaining the right to choose and exert my will upon my sphere of influence gives me the freedom to choose to honor life and to favor the right to live.

If I can choose only one and I instead choose "pro-life," if I decide I am "in favor of the right to live, in favor of the right to life," it does not protect any other choices I may want to make.  I have only guaranteed my right to exist, but I have not secured my right to choose how I will live. 

The left has bamboozled us with their terminology. The very implication of "pro-choice" means that choosing any other option negates your free will!

Of course, women are marching down the streets shouting things like, "My vagina, my choice!"

I totally agree with them: It is their vagina and it is their choice!

If you have sex with someone with no preventative measures in place and get pregnant, well, sorry, friend, that's life. It happens. How did you think you got here? And if you get pregnant while using birth control measures, maybe you should embrace the opportunity you've been given instead of reject the child you helped create.

These women scream obscenities and say things like, "Keep your government rules off my body!"

Again, I agree with them!

There should not be any legislation that takes away your right to tattoo, to pierce, or to rule over your own body.

But it's not their body for which they are making decisions, it's the body of someone else, someone on whose behalf they do not have authority to choose the right to live or not to live.

By demanding their own right to choose, they take away from the unborn child the right to choose.

It is both constitutional AND biblical that you are free to do what makes you happy - even if God Himself does not want you to do it - as long as your rights do not infringe upon the rights of another person.

If you want to sleep around, by all means, do it. Go ahead. You can. If you want to sleep with someone of the same gender, go for it. The Bible says both are wrong, and the Lord says there are consequences to those actions you are not going to enjoy, but it's not for the government to legislate against.

The Church can teach God's standards and inform you there is a better, safer, more enjoyable way to have as much sex as you and your partner want (FYI, this is also known as 'marriage,' which is biblically established to be between one man and one woman in a holy covenant before the Almighty).

The government does not have the right to establish or legislate against the expression of free will insomuch as it does not violate the free will and rights of another and it upholds the laws upon which our country is founded.

Government is here to protect our rights and to protect those who cannot defend themselves. That's why they will not imprison you if you have sex with a stranger, but they will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law if you have sex with a child.

With regard to abortion, in today's world, you have no excuse.

With the amazing advances in technology all around us, you'd have to be a special breed of ignorant to really, truly believe, "It's not a baby."

Honestly. That's just an excuse people use to not take responsibility for their actions. If you climb a tree and fall out of it, did you want to fall? Probably not, yet it happened. What if you broke a bone as a result? Should the tree be cut down because you broke your arm? Um...no. Just don't climb the tree. Problem solved.

What if the fact that black babies are five times more likely to be aborted could be - at least in part - traced back to the use of the phrase "pro-choice?"

Enslaved and suppressed black men and women were allowed the right to life, but denied the right to choose the quality of their lives and denied the freedom of choice in many areas of life. Is the phrase "pro-choice" somehow empowering them to "take control" over their lives? Food for thought.

Okay, it's time to address it: What about rape? What about the unwanted sexual intrusions that result in a pregnancy?

Great! I'm glad you brought it up. I was hoping you would.

As a rape victim, I can speak from this vantage point. When I was raped as an 18-year-old in my own home by a "friend" who came over to hang out, I missed my period for the next four months. Then I had massive bleeding for three weeks straight and I saw a lot in the toilet I had never seen before, accompanied by massive cramping and absolute misery.

Was I pregnant? Or did the rape just send my body into a state of shock for four months?

I don't know, because I never told my parents, and I never went to the doctor.

What I do know, is I mourned for over a year because I was convinced I most likely had lost a baby, even though I did not know for 100% certain. See, even in my pain, my ability to love a child - regardless of how s/he came into this world - was purely my choice. It was my right to love a baby that came into being because of the selfishness of another person.

What was NOT my right was to take the life of a child who was the result of someone's lust and lack of self-control.

I am 100% pro-choice, but I am NOT pro-abortion, and I will fight for the rights of the unborn to choose.

What about you?

If you have had an abortion:

This is not a post to put you on blast and make you feel lousy. This is a wake-up call to the people of this country and a rally-call to action. Please forgive yourself, receive God's forgiveness, and live to champion life for others. Friend, the past is the past, let it stay there. It does not define you. You are forgiven. Release yourself. Move forward. The future is awaiting your choices.


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