• Kelly

Purely Coincidental

Pregnant women are just glorified mobile homes. Seriously! Think about it; everywhere momma goes, baby goes with her. S/he sleeps, eats, and even goes potty inside of momma while she’s on the go. Mobile home. Totally.

How did I arrive at this conclusion, you might be asking? Well, my son was cuddling with me on the couch and asked if he could use me as a pillow because I’m “fluffy like a pillow.” Rob piped up and said, “You used to use her as a house!” Add legs = mobile home. Voilà!

I’m just glad I didn’t get compared to the Pillsbury Doughboy or the Michelin Man! Disclaimer: Any resemblance is purely coincidental.

That’s something I do not want for my kids: my metabolism and current physique.

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

That phrase is an interesting one, isn’t it? It implies our children will duplicate us like a carbon copy. I have found people usually either hope their kids will A) grow up to be just like their parents or B) grow up to be nothing like their parents.

Sometimes, we vote for option C and hope they’ll take the best parts of us and our spouse, our ancestors, and the world around them and then decide for themselves what, who, and how they want to be.

These are a few things I want for my kids: 1) I desire them to be in intimate, unbroken fellowship with the Lord all of their days; 2) I long for them to take chances, make mistakes they learn from, and to grow; 3) I want them to advance in every area and to outdo themselves, ever-expanding what they perceive are their limits; 4) I pray they truly believe – and act accordingly – that nothing is impossible with God and all things are possible to him who believes 5) I desire them to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. I will do my best to raise my children in the way they should go, but the ultimate decisions are theirs to make. It’s my job to teach them in such a way they willingly choose what is right and forsake what is not.

I’m not sure if I’m done being a mobile home yet.

Some days, I want more kids. Some days, “Us four and no more!” is my motto. Either way, I am blessed and thankful God chose me to carry my children and to bring them into this world. I’m grateful He has entrusted to me the high calling of pointing them back to a relationship with Him, and to instill in them the values and beliefs necessary to be world-changers and history-makers.

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