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Skills Pay the Bills

Have you ever wondered why we have money? Well, I guess in today's age the question would be, “Why do we have debit cards?”

I remember rolling pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters in exchange for the real green! Now? We see shiny decorated plastic cards slid into an electronic computer.

The intended purpose for money is not accumulation. Cash is the current currency of trade for an intended outcome.

So, the question is not, “How do I get more money?” Instead, it is, “What is the best way to achieve my desired outcome? What do I have to offer others?”

We have grown up in a society where our job or career is the primary source of income. Is there something else you have to offer? If we pay to go to school for a degree that is supposed to get us employment, does that mean we are buying our jobs? Today, many are in situations much like playing the lotto, paying for school in hopes they will “win” the job.

Side note, I am not knocking school – I’m currently a student myself! - but we do need to grasp the reality that what is taught today is already years behind the curve of innovation and current knowledge.

We need to think differently. Part of the shift needs to occur in our perspective of money. We get paid for the work or value we give others. There has been a change, and I hope that we do not lag behind the curve of this change.

You are your biggest asset. We are in the most significant technological shift of our time and those who can learn and apply have an advantage. You have more to offer than you realize.

The skills you offer are valuable. Skills are learned not earned.

Today can be the day to learn a new skill. Among the most necessary skills are those dealing with people such as leadership, communication, interpersonal skills, conflict-resolution, etc. As you begin to learn and master new skills, you will see new doors of opportunity open to you.

Be ahead of the curve: it’s time to skill-up!

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