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I watched the Hunger Games with my husband when they came out. They made me cry.

The trilogy was so intense! The graphics were incredible, but I hated the brutality of the movie. And, of course, as it is intended to do so, the plot drew us in. We had to know if Katniss would survive! It bothered me that each contestant had to be eliminated for the ultimate champion to move forward. Why couldn’t teams of people move forward? Surely cooperation would have been better!

The Hunger Games reminded me a lot of everyday life.

In a world prevalent with war, violence, and a fight-to-the-death mentality of self-preservation at any cost, it’s easy to lose focus and to stop appreciating people you once adored.

People can get so caught up in the hype of promotion and advancement, of likes, follows, and retweets we forget how to say,

“I’m thankful for you. I couldn’t be who I am without you in my life.”

The tributary blogs in the relationship category are meant to do just that: to take a moment out of my day to express gratitude to people who may or may not still be in my life, but who have shaped it nonetheless.

I hope they inspire you to write your own notes of appreciation and foster an attitude of gratitude.

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