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A hundred years ago, the world was focused on commerce. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, agriculture was the main business of every community. People farmed, towns had blacksmiths, dressmakers, and bakeries. Everything was focused on production.

Then the world saw a shift into customer service. Everything became all about doing right by the customer, offering the very best service possible to each patron, and the product sold became less and less the focus of the value-exchange experience.

'Experience' is the phase we are currently in.

Restaurants such as the Rainforest Cafe may or may not offer the best food. In fact, they offer many of the same foods other family diners offer: cheese sticks, chicken quesadillas, onion rings, pizza - nothing that screams "original." What they do offer, however, that causes them to stand out from the crowd, is an experience.

When you walk into the restaurant, you'll notice immediately the fish tank archway entrance and the elephants in the background. Set on a timer, you'll randomly hear jungle noises to help you remember you're not at Big Boy's, you're in the Rainforest Cafe. This company has adapted to the era we're in and set themselves apart through the experience they offer.

In today's world, you need to brand yourself as distinctly unique or you will find yourself completely extinct.

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